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My First Job

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Your first job is a great time to establish healthy financial habits that will help you achieve your financial independence and reach your goals. Getting started is easy with the right tools; a TCU Checking Account, TCU Debit Mastercard® and a Savings plan are your basics. Creating a budget and using a financial management tool to organize and track your finances so you can see where you’re spending and help you find ways to save. TCU Internet, Mobile and Text Banking are fast and secure solutions to get your account information on the go. Just follow the checklists below to get on the road to reach your future goals!

Focus on Savings       

Following a Budget     

Considering Credit


My First Place

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Renting your first place can be exciting, but also expensive. Planning for and knowing the costs involved can prepare you so there are no surprises when you start looking. There are the obvious costs involved; monthly rent and utilities, but there also may be startup costs. These can include application fees, place and utility security deposits. Getting your first place can be challenging, but following the checklist below will provide you with a roadmap!

Renting, Credit and Budgeting

The Place

Renters Insurance and the Move



 My Establishing Credit

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Your credit history is important when applying for a loan, but it’s also important to prospective employers, utility companies, landlords, and insurance companies in determining whether or not you have demonstrated financial responsibility. That is why it is important to understand credit and the impact it has on your ability to reach your current and future goals.

Lending Basics 

Credit Basics

Establishing & Protecting Credit



My Managing & ReEstablishing Credit

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Maintaining your credit is hard work, but the results are well worth it. The reward of having good credit can help you get a job, a place to live and even determine your interest rates on loans and the cost of your insurance premiums.  Your credit score is not based on how much money you make, but how you manage that money. Basically managing and re-establishing your credit will help you achieve your goals. 

Managing Credit   

ReEstablishing Credit 




My Home: Before I Buy

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Buying a home is a major financial decision that requires preparation, research, thought and time but it’s worth it when you finally have a place of your own. Start with knowing your financial situation; your credit history and credit score, review your budget; know what price range you can comfortably afford and the amount needed for a down payment. Once you know your financial picture you can get started setting goals that will help you achieve your new home purchase!

Credit History






 My Home: Ready to Buy

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Once you’ve reviewed your credit, know your price range and have saved for your down payment, you’re ready to start the purchasing process. Contact the TCU Mortgage Center and talk to a TCU Mortgage Professional, they will be able to answer your questions throughout the home buying process.

Your Home


The Offer & Closing


 My Home: After I Buy

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Congratulations on your new home! Let’s get started with making sure you have everything ready to move.

Preparing to Move

Home Essentials



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