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Savings Accounts

Once a member of TCU, your options are endless. TCU has a variety of savings account options to fit you and your family’s financial goals. Whether you’re saving for retirement, college, a vacation or holiday shopping, we have a fiscal plan to suit your needs.

Primary Share Savings Account provides you an easy and convenient way to save for unexpected expenses! Earn interest while saving for your financial future.



Choice Savings Account allows you to identify your savings goals, making saving easier to manage. Whether you are saving for education, a vacation, holiday shopping or any other goals, we can help. Aim high…it’s your CHOICE!         


Premium Money Market Account gives you the opportunity to earn a PREMIUM rate of interest.



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You'll enjoy these benefits with all the above savings accounts:

  • Benefit from competitive interest rates that pay you monthly.
  • Convenient access to your account with TCU Internet, Text and Mobile App Banking. Plus, access to over 30,000 surcharge free ATM’s nationwide.
  • Build your savings effortlessly with a TCU Checking Account and a TCU Debit Mastercard® by enrolling in Everyday Savings. Each time you make a purchase with your TCU Debit Mastercard®, we’ll round up the change and automatically transfer it into your savings account.
  • Start saving automatically by setting up weekly Internet Banking transfers from your checking to your Primary Savings.

Specialized Savings Accounts

You can choose from a wide range of certificates for long- or short-term savings. TCU offers a number of Share Certificate products with competitive interest rates and a variety of maturity periods.



Are you confident you’ll have enough money saved for the milestone events and times that make your retirement special? If not, let TCU help you achieve your retirement dreams with an Individual Retirement Account. You can accumulate retirement money and take advantage of all the benefits that come with an IRA.

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Allow your money to work for you. TCU offers Health Savings Accounts that work nicely with High Deductible Health Plans, and allow you to pay for current or future medical expenses. You can trust TCU's HSA professionals will help you choose the right account for you, and help your savings grow as investment earnings.

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Special Member Programs


Everyday Savings

TCU makes saving money easy with Everyday Savings. Each time you use your Debit MasterCard® for purchases, TCU rounds up the amount and transfers the difference into the Savings Account you choose.

New members are subject to a $7.00 membership fee and $5.00 initial Share deposit.

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